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Skrevet av Emne: Black Hole 2.1.4​  (Lest 1740 ganger)

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Black Hole 2.1.4​
« på: Desember 07, 2014, 15:48:17 »

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What is new in Black Hole 2.1.4:

All models: Full HD Skin ready.
The 1920x1080 framebuffer support recently introduced in Vu+ drivers has made it possible to use full hd skins. But many parts of the enigma2 gui are hardcoded with fixed fonts and itemheight.
This causes fonts at 1920x1080 resolution to appear far too small. All these gui parts have been re-coded in Bh 2.1.4 to support larger fonts and itemheight in case of full hd skins (thx to Matrix10)

Solo and Duo only:
The 1920x1080 framebuffer support has required extra Ram usage. For this reason the old Solo and Duo models do not have enough free ram to run the curent images with these new features.
In Black Hole 2.1.4 we have included ram compression (zram) that increases performance by avoiding paging to disk and using a compressed block device in RAM instead, inside which the paging takes place until it is necessary to use the swap space on a hard drive or usb stick. Since using ZRAM is an alternative way to provide swapping on RAM, zram allows Linux to make more use of RAM when swapping/paging is required.

201412005(zero, solose)
- Improve PQ(zero)
- Adjust LED brightness(solose, zero)
update driver
- Fix analog audio(solose)
drivers: 20141126(solose, zero)
- Fix booting problem(solose)
- Support LED brightness control in idle mode(solose)
- Support LED brightness control in normal/idle(zero)
- (Brightness can be controlled in Menu -> Setup -> System -> Display Setup)
New Skin MX-Black
Meoboot update: Fixed the issue of non working usb drivers in images in multiboot.
About screen: Add drivers version, kernel version and Cpu info.
Bh Full Backup update.
OpenWebInterface update.
WirelessLanSetup: add quote to wpa_passphrase for password.
Black Hole Swap panel: Allow to create swap files upto 2 GB.
Black Hole Swap panel: Update descriptions (Thx to Ev0).
Solo2: fix ethernet problem in some Gigabit switches.
Solo/Duo: implement Zram
Librtmp update.
Added to feed: livestreamer, livestreamersrv
Added to feed: python-mechanize python-futures python-pip python-requests python-singledispatch
[PATready] 'cnt' is increased twice, causing failure to obtain a single pmtpid.
[VirtualKeyboard] fix default layout (en) must be "qwerty"
Bh Device Panel: fix meoboot mointpoint only when meoboot is installed
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